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Credit HOUND - is it right for me?
Q. Can you issue a chasing letter to every single customer with outstanding debts within minutes?
Q.Will the tone of each letter reflect each customer's age of debt, category and status?
Q.Will the letters show relevant outstanding invoices?
Q.Are the letters configured to be issued by e-mail, fax or post automatically based on the tone of letter and customer preferences?
A.Credit HOUND's 'rules' will take account of customer ageing, category (such as 'key account - go softly') and status (such as 'historic slow payer - go hard') to issue the right tone of letter for each of your customers.

The letters will be distributed in the most effective method available. Key letters can generate multiple copies such as an e-mail now, with copy in the post, and a copy to archive.
Q.On completing a credit control phone call can you pick from a list of pre-set templates to issue an appropriately worded letter in seconds?
A.Credit HOUND allows you to define as many letter templates as you choose so that you can issue a follow up letter noting invoices discussed, agreed payments or pending action in a matter of seconds.

If you cannot get through on the phone, you can also instantly fire-off a chasing email or letter from Credit HOUND detailing the invoices you were calling to discuss.

By reducing letter writing admin you can focus on the skilled aspects of a credit controller's job.
Q.If a customer fails to pay a promised amount is it picked up automatically as soon as the promise is breached?
A.Credit HOUND has an in-built diary and reminder system. Broken promises are highlighted ensuring pressure is maintained on customers, and that agreed credit control escalation time frames are maintained.
Q.Can you track, assign notes and record disputes on an individual invoice basis within your accounting system?
A.Credit HOUND tracks debt to an individual invoice level and has a built in Dispute recording and management system allowing you to assign responsibility and track progress on disputed items.

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